Mahdi Yusuf

Mahdi Yusuf

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Mahdi Yusuf is currently Senior Staff Engineer at 1Password, previously the CTO at Gyroscope. Before that I spent time as a technical researcher focused on security vulnerabilities and exploitations.

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Mahdi Yusuf

Technical Debt

How does technical debt accrue? Most people would say bad engineering. What is bad engineering? Inflexibility? Is one system engineered correctly to do one thing trying to do something else considered bad engineering?

Mahdi Yusuf

Capture the Flag

Join the Architecture Notes CTF and test your system design skills against participants from around the world. Solve challenges in distributed systems, web security, and more. Open to all skill levels.

Mahdi Yusuf

Database Sharding Explained

More features, active users, and data are collected daily. Your database is slowing your application. Many people don't understand database sharding, which could solve their difficulties. This article explains database sharding, its benefits, including how to use it and when not to.

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