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Arc Notes Weekly #69: Tomes
This week, we cover automated unit test improvement research from Meta, Refactoring code in high risk environments, and tenancy in software systems.
Arc Notes Weekly #68: NTP
This week, we will learn about how much uptime we can afford, what scalability really means, and how to save money on S3 transfer costs
Arc Notes Weekly #67: Nero
This week, we explore effects of time on distributed systems, what we learned about AI in 2023 and infrastructure for Threads.
Arc Notes Weekly #66: Era
This week, we explore speeding up tests from the folks over at Discord, speech-to-text processing performance and zero down time upgrades with PostgreSQL.
Arc Notes Weekly #64: Penultimate
This week, we explore Kubernetes CPU dynamics, innovative program tracing techniques, effective strategies for intuitive documentation, and the architecture of serverless multi-tenant data systems.
Arc Notes Weekly #62: Snow
This week, we explore insights into serverless multi-tenant data system architectures, unravel a software engineer’s encounter with an unusual bug causing Chrome crashes, delve into the nuances of Service Level Indicators (SLIs) in cloud services.
Arc Notes Weekly #61: Reprise
This week, we delve into running intense database workloads on Kubernetes using spot instances, the application of GPT-4 in summarizing technical reviews, and fast robust job queues using PostgreSQL.
Arc Notes Weekly #60: Ousted
This week, we will discuss how to scale a monolith, one line of code causes 60 million in loses, and architecture of a one person SaSS company.
Arc Notes Weekly #59: Pin
This week we discuss git (how does it work?), switching build system easily, and reducing cognitive load in your code.
Arc Notes Weekly #58: Reprise
This week, another week another platform built on top of Kubernetes, Network programming basics, and architecture of LLM based applications.
Arc Notes Weekly #57: Inference
This week, Automating the clean up of dead code at scale, Base64 explained, and using abstractions to improve readability of code.
Arc Notes Weekly #56: Tokyo
This week, we will discuss executing cron scripts at scale, primer on GPU computing, and costs of not refactoring code.
Arc Notes Weekly #55: Try
This week, we will discuss if two-phase locking is the best we can do? Monitoring systems with eBPF and the architecture behind the mondayDB datastore.
Arc Notes Weekly #54: Ducts
This week, we will discuss scaling datastore in various ways, microservices by any other name is a service, and tips on how to refactor your codebase.
Arc Notes Weekly #53: Park
This week, we will discuss invariants for debugging systems, migrating from StatsD to Prometheus, and Scaling Instagram’s Explore recommendations.
Arc Notes Weekly #52: Nóva
This week, we will discuss getting started with Llama, End to end tracing for operational insights and How much did Amazon spend on Prime Day?
Arc Notes Weekly #51: Packaging
This week, we will discuss squeezing the most out of your systems, how Instagram scales it recommendation system, and do we need specialized vector databases?
Arc Notes Weekly #50: RedHat
This week, we will discuss learnings from being a platform engineer the last year, should we be using ORMs, and migrations run with AWS Data Migration Service!
Arc Notes Weekly #49: Tradition
This week, we will discuss globally distributed objects stores, emerging LLM architectures and speeding up local development.
Arc Notes Weekly #48: Prism
This week, we will discuss the scaling of Kubernetes CronJobs, the infrastructure of modern image serving, and the operation of vector databases.
Arc Notes Weekly #47: Data Silos
This week, we will be discussing how to deal with health checks, exploring another amazing use case for SQLite, this time at the edge, and addressing the challenges of database growth and the accompanying pains along the way.
Arc Notes Weekly #46: Valuate
This week, we’ll be discussing HTTP/3 impact on network latency, migrating traffic at scale, and when do you really start needing indexes?
Arc Notes Weekly #45: *GPT
This week, we’ll be discussing how hotspot performance fixes can lead to issues, monoliths and dinosaurs, how to avoid unnecessary rewrites.
Arc Notes Weekly #43: External
This week, we will learn How RocksDB works, Dealing with multi-tenancy, and writing code using LLMs the right way.
Arc Notes Weekly #42: Auto Pilot ✈️
This week, we will learn How Wikimedia deals with DDoS attacks, Load Balancer algorithms, How TikTok adjusts to our preferences so quickly?
Arc Notes Weekly #41: Hype
This week, we will learn How Etsy Scaled With Vitess, What complex systems teach us about software engineering, and What do `Architects` really do?
Arc Notes Weekly #40: Chat 💬
This week, we will learn How Discord Stored Trillions of Messages, How to get more efficiency with your Kubernetes Setup, and How DoorDash uses CockroachDB.
Arc Notes Weekly #39: Verify
This week, we will learn about the internals of Firecracker, running databases in Kubernetes, and transitioning from PostgreSQL to DynamoDb
Arc Notes Weekly #38: Rockets
This week, we learn scaling to millions of users using Google Sheets, a new language model which is more efficient and as performant, and cracking ransomware with GPUs.
Arc Notes Weekly #37: Bridge
This week, we learn a few differences between containerization tools or how to live without them, how to create better metric dashboards, and how much you can squeeze out of a 4-dollar VPS.
Arc Notes Weekly #36: Sort
This week, we discuss handling asynchronous workloads, system insights that can be gleaned from graph databases, and TimSort has been beaten!
Arc Notes Weekly #35: Clock
This week, we discuss how to transfer data at scale, features we would like to see with PostgreSQL, and like of a DNS query in Kubernetes.
Arc Notes Weekly #34: Headroom
This week, we discuss small mistakes and what it takes to take down a large system, fairness in multi-tenant systems, and the best GPUs to get for machine learning at home.
Arc Notes Weekly #33: General Intelligence
This week, we discuss what happens when a CPU starts, HTTP/3 prioritization, and how your tech stack isn’t your product.
Arc Notes Weekly #32: Nuovo
This week, we discuss running Twitter on one machine, ChatGPT vs Google, and Database Year In Review.
Arc Notes Weekly #31: Penalties
This week, we discuss scaling for 50 million uploads per day from the Canva team, how eBay transitioned to OpenTelemetry, and NormConf talks!
Arc Notes Weekly #30: Capacity
This week, we discuss the hidden costs of slow builds, K8s runtime observability, and a bug in SQLite. A slow week as people start wrapping up for the holidays.
Arc Notes Weekly #29: ChatGPT
This week, we discuss Extism’s new ABI of sorts for all your code, the rise of ChatGPT, and SSE & Scaling Black Friday.
Arc Notes Weekly #28: Servers
This week we talk about a distributed manifesto, how to troubleshoot strange performance issues with improved hardware, and how to draw diagrams in code.
Arc Notes Weekly #27: Hardcore 🔨
This week, we talk about how artificial intelligence can find bugs in our code, how warm caches are much better than cold ones, how scaling mastodon might be difficult, and where the term “boilerplate code” originates from.
Arc Notes Weekly #26: Alpha
This week we discuss scaling Postgres to 1M requests per second, notification systems, and career limiting moves.
Arc Notes Weekly #25: Blue Bird
This week we discuss the need to replace TCP in the data center, solve common Kubernetes problems, and find a new way to profile your applications continuously.
Arc Notes Weekly #24: ARC2
This week we discuss CORS so you can finally remember it this time, building an image hashing system and debugging sad servers.
Arc Notes Weekly #23: DevOps 🪦
This week we discuss who should have access to production, leaving the cloud, and the slow death of DevOps.
Arc Notes Weekly #22: Late Shift 🕘
This week we discuss software development pragmatism, disposable root servers, and Toyota’s leaked secret key! Oh, apparently you can “unlaunch” things.
Arc Notes Weekly #21: Thanksgiving 🇨🇦
This week we discuss Software engineering practices, the state of security of AWS, and the popularization of eBPF.
Arc Notes Weekly #20: Heavy Duty Engineer 👷
This week we discuss State of DevOps 2022, Managing scaling system for logging and data ingestion and does anyone even like Kubernetes?
Arc Notes Weekly #19: Nuovo 🆕
This week we discuss the reality of the software supply chain, ways to secure your infrastructure, and a picture that contains its own MD5 hash.
Arc Notes Weekly #18: Caps ⛰️
This week we discuss Nginx vs. Caddy, When you should use Bazel, and the future of the kernel with Rust!
Arc Notes Weekly #17: Fall 🍂
This week we discuss Lost Art of SysAdmin, Malloy new way to SQL, and new distributed programming language Unison.
Arc Notes Weekly #16: Floppy 💾
This week we discuss 1 millions QPS with MySQL, Stable Diffusion, and do we really actually practice everything we preach about DevOps?
Arc Notes Weekly #15: Squeeze 🍋
This week we discuss types of container ochestrators, debugging applications, and scaling read concurrency with SQLite.
Arc Notes Weekly #14: Terminal 💻
This week we discuss liveness and readiness probes for k8s, improving system latency with Discord, and distributed SQLite database!
Arc Notes Weekly #13: Platform
This week we discuss handling k8s healthchecks, understanding your delivery lead time, and how Starlink got hacked with 25 dollar mod chip!
Arc Notes Weekly #12: The Cloud ☁️
This week we discuss GraphQL, State of the Cloud, incident managment, and how the cookie came to be.
Arc Notes Weekly #11: Stimulus
This week we discuss new way to understand dependency age, why leap seconds could be bad, and the little known things about sockets.
Arc Notes Weekly #10: Gray
This week we discuss keeping clocks in sync, the rise of developer tooling, and some new innovations in the C++ community with Carbon.
Arc Notes Weekly #9: Thunder
This weeks post covers DynamoDB paper, writing SLOs, caring about what you do and much more.
Arc Notes Weekly #8: Rogers
This week’s post covers the Rogers internet outage, load testing, and much more!
Arc Notes Weekly #7: Trade Offs
This week’s post covers a few systems design rundowns (multiplayer games architecture and chess engines) and a new DSL for SQL.
Arc Notes Weekly #6: One line fix
This weeks post covers transparent memory offloading, epic one line fixes, WASM, and much more.
Arc Notes Weekly #5: NB
This weeks post covers computers being fast, new frameworks based on demo, and notes on complex software systems.
Arc Notes Weekly #4: Legos
This weeks post covers extending Zookeeper with Delos, modern data pipelining, dependency culling, and much more.
Arc Notes Weekly #3: Neon
This weeks post covers new databases, linux pipes speed, and loading balancing at scale.
Arc Notes Weekly #2: OAuth
This weeks post covers End of Big Data, Post on Moving Exabytes of Data and continued OAuth breach impacts
Arc Notes Weekly #1: We have lift off 🚀
We launched a couple of weeks ago, and the reception has been great. We approaching just under 5K developers across the industry.