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Arc Notes Weekly #18: Caps ⛰️
This week we discuss Nginx vs. Caddy, When you should use Bazel, and the future of the kernel with Rust!
Arc Notes Weekly #17: Fall 🍂
This week we discuss Lost Art of SysAdmin, Malloy new way to SQL, and new distributed programming language Unison.
Arc Notes Weekly #16: Floppy 💾
This week we discuss 1 millions QPS with MySQL, Stable Diffusion, and do we really actually practice everything we preach about DevOps?
Arc Notes Weekly #15: Squeeze 🍋
This week we discuss types of container ochestrators, debugging applications, and scaling read concurrency with SQLite.
Arc Notes Weekly #14: Terminal 💻
This week we discuss liveness and readiness probes for k8s, improving system latency with Discord, and distributed SQLite database!
Arc Notes Weekly #13: Platform
This week we discuss handling k8s healthchecks, understanding your delivery lead time, and how Starlink got hacked with 25 dollar mod chip!
Arc Notes Weekly #12: The Cloud ☁️
This week we discuss GraphQL, State of the Cloud, incident managment, and how the cookie came to be.
Arc Notes Weekly #11: Stimulus
This week we discuss new way to understand dependency age, why leap seconds could be bad, and the little known things about sockets.
Arc Notes Weekly #10: Gray
This week we discuss keeping clocks in sync, the rise of developer tooling, and some new innovations in the C++ community with Carbon.
Arc Notes Weekly #9: Thunder
This weeks post covers DynamoDB paper, writing SLOs, caring about what you do and much more.
Arc Notes Weekly #8: Rogers
This week’s post covers the Rogers internet outage, load testing, and much more!
Arc Notes Weekly #7: Trade Offs
This week’s post covers a few systems design rundowns (multiplayer games architecture and chess engines) and a new DSL for SQL.
Arc Notes Weekly #6: One line fix
This weeks post covers transparent memory offloading, epic one line fixes, WASM, and much more.
Arc Notes Weekly #5: NB
This weeks post covers computers being fast, new frameworks based on demo, and notes on complex software systems.
Arc Notes Weekly #4: Legos
This weeks post covers extending Zookeeper with Delos, modern data pipelining, dependency culling, and much more.
Arc Notes Weekly #3: Neon
This weeks post covers new databases, linux pipes speed, and loading balancing at scale.
Arc Notes Weekly #2: OAuth
This weeks post covers End of Big Data, Post on Moving Exabytes of Data and continued OAuth breach impacts
Arc Notes Weekly #1: We have lift off 🚀
We launched a couple of weeks ago, and the reception has been great. We approaching just under 5K developers across the industry.