There is a large gap between theory and what is done practically in production systems. As I was coming up, I wanted resources much like this where experienced engineers shared their experiences building large systems and the mistakes they made.

I want this site to be where we can share exemplary architectures and the bad ones that got us there. In addition, I want to discuss trade-offs, constraints, and technology choices.

I know sharing mistakes publicly can be daunting, but this can be a great way to help others not make the same mistakes and learn from others.

We hope to cover everything from circuit boards to large-scale production systems. As well as more technical deep dives with core system maintainers from various foundational tools that we all use every day.

The great art of learning is to understand but little at a time.

Who am I?

I'm Mahdi Yusuf; you can find me on Twitter. I am currently a Senior Staff Engineer at 1Password. I was previously the CTO  at Gyroscope. In addition, I spent a few years as a technical researcher focused on security vulnerabilities and exploitations. Before all that, I started another community around Python at Pycoders', just under 100K strong. I hope to do the same here.

Got something you are proud of? We are always looking for excellent, bad, and unique designs. If you have something to share, please reach out here.

Questions? Reach out to @myusuf3 on Twitter. You can read about the authors here as well.

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speaker, writer, and home labber. engineering manager at @apple ex-senior staff engineer at @1password, and previously cto @gyroscope_app